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John Gutierrez  (b.1963) currently lives  in Las Cruces, New Mexico where he creates paintings  and sculptures in his studio.  Gutierrez has painted and sculpted a wide range of subjects.  His work reflects an array of personal interests including ancient civilizations, world history, and music.  His exposure to a rich diversity of the cultures and the natural surroundings of the West have significantly influenced his work.

             Gutierrez believes an intimate and accurate interpretation of a subject can only be rendered after it has been filtered through the mind and soul of the artist.  These feelings and  energy then flow from the mind through the hand of the artist in order to create the sculpture or painting. The result is a reflected impression to the viewer who embraces the feelings and emotions dictated by the artist through his work.

For over 30 years, he has worked with a variety of mediums including oils and acrylics, clay, terra-cotta, a variety of stones, plaster, copper, bronze, fiberglass, electroforming and liquid resins.  He often combines different mediums and methods to create his unique work with an open mind to adapt and introduce new and ever changing techniques and materials.

             Gutierrez developed his own personal style at an early age.  Having the personal freedom to select and study artists and methods of his choice has been of great reward.  A perfectionist at heart and a self-taught artist, Gutierrez believes in a journey that never ends as a professional artist.  John Gutierrez has earned numerous awards and commissions.  His work can be found in galleries as well as corporate and private collections throughout the World.  Fine art galleries throughout the United States represent Gutierrez’s work including his line:  Mystic Creations.